Reference for Use of Linear Mixed Models for Cross-over (Counter-balanced) designs

February 7, 2012


Check Chapter 8 of: Berger, M.P.F., & Wong, W.K. (2009). An introduction to optimal designs for social and biomedical research. Chichester, UK: Wiley. Alternative Link Advertisements

From SPSS Switzerland

January 19, 2012


A little nugget I found doing a search on “interpretation of rho in AR1″…(NOTE it opens a .pdf file on a new window). Technical Report : Linear mixed effects modeling in SPSS® An Introduction to the MIXED Procedure.

Quantitative Data Analysis Part II

August 18, 2011


Some examples in the literature: MetaAnalysis Face Recognition TBI EF Social Competence TBI Children Article Mild TBI Article RESOURCES: BASIC DATA ANALYSIS: Bivariate Data Analysis with SPSS INTERMEDIATE DATA ANALYSIS: Correlation Resources: SPSS, R, Causality, Interpretation, and APA Style Reporting ADVANCED DATA ANALYSIS: Lecture Notes: .DOC format Slides: .PPT format .PDF format MIXED EFFECTS MODELING USING SPSS HANDOUTSLIDES […]

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Quantitative Data Analysis Part I

July 13, 2011


Quantitative Data Analysis for Health Research Part I Slides Teacher resources from Kline 2004 Practice Dataset: prac.xls Recommended Reference Books Beyond Significance Testing: Reforming Data Analysis Methods in Behavioral Research (2004) By Rex B. Kline The reviewer’s guide to quantitative methods in the social sciences (2010) By Gregory R. Hancock & Ralph O. Mueller Reading and Understanding Multivariate […]

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DAC SPSS Workshops

April 10, 2011


Find below the description and links to materials for the SPSS workshops organized by MCYS for the Data Analysis Coordinators and held on April 13th 2011. If you attended any of these workshops please leave your comments for the instructors on the Feedback page of this site. 1.        Introductory Instructor: Matthew Sigal. […]

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Re-structuring datasets in SPSS

January 18, 2011


Re-structuring datasets in SPSS PPT slides

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January 12, 2011


Links to the materials for the workshop at the Ministry of Children and Youth Services 12 Jan 2011 MIXED EFFECTS MODELING USING SPSS <- Handout SLIDES Mixed effects modeling using spss <- SLIDES Datasets glm_example.sav BrykRauden_HighSchool&Beyond.sav wide.sav long.sav dep.sav E.M. Romero Escobar ||