DAC SPSS Workshops

Posted on 10 April 2011


Find below the description and links to materials for the SPSS workshops organized by MCYS for the Data Analysis Coordinators and held on April 13th 2011. If you attended any of these workshops please leave your comments for the instructors on the Feedback page of this site.

1.        Introductory

Instructor: Matthew Sigal.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of computers systems. Any experience with spreadsheets (e.g., MS Excel) or data collection in any way.

Proposed List of Topics: SPSS windows, variable and data view. SPSS drop down menus. Entering and importing data from different sources. Descriptive statistics for categorical and continuous variables and combination thereof. Basic charts from descriptive menus and chart builder examples. Saving syntax and output files.


Lecture notes: .DOC format .PDF format

Data sets:  example.xlxs Guerry.xlxs

2.        Intermediate

Instructor: Danielle Salomonczyk

Requirements: Some experience with SPSS and being comfortable with simple tasks (entering or importing data, selecting variables, run descriptive statistics). Knowledge of the principles of the statistical procedures that will be presented and of basic research methods. Undergraduate level statistics.

Proposed List of Topics: Review of descriptive statistics, bivariate analysis (chi-square, t-test, one way and factorial ANOVA, correlation, simple and multiple regression).


Lecture notes: .PPT format .PDF format .PDF handout

Exercises: Homework Data Set[.SAV format]

3.        Advanced

Instructor: Manolo Romero Escobar

Requirements: Experience with the general linear model (ANOVA, multiple regression, and/or ANCOVA). Formal training in data analysis with SPSS. Advanced undergraduate or graduate level statistics.

Proposed List of Topics: Review of GLM (general linear model), mixed effects model for clustered/grouped data. Introduction to use of mixed models for longitudinal data.


Lecture Notes: .DOC format

Slides: .PPT format .PDF format

Datasets[.SAV format]: GLM example Bryk&Raudenbush Wide form example Long form example

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