As of mid July 2011 I work for MHS Inc. as a psychometrician. I am not taking any freelance consulting or training work for the foreseeable future. You can also check my LinkedIn public profile to keep in touch and for other professional inquiries.

About mixedReviews
My interest in Mixed Effects Modelling (a.k.a. multilevel modelling, HLM) started as course work in graduate school. Through my experience in social and health science research it has become one of the essential tools to analyse data nested within groups or changing over time. While I posted a few notes about using SAS PROC MIXED and R nlme package to fit Mixed models, and I have developed a seminar on SPSS Mixed function which I will review here. Some other posts about my other specialty: Latent variable models (e.g. SEM, IRT, CFA) and some data management scripts in R can be found on my other blog: latentPeriod.

About Me
I am a Doctoral candidate in Psychology at York University, Toronto, where I also am a statistical and research methodology consultant. Before moving to Canada I obtained a B.A. and a licence in Psychology in Guatemala, where I worked as a school counsellor. My current research interests include assessment and measurement of psychological constructs in cognitive development, social-emotional development, and health psychology. As a consultant I have worked on factor analytical and latent-trait methods of measurement, as well as the psychometrics of test and scale development. I am proficient in SPSS, SAS, MPlus and R.

Click here for my full Academic CV containing -besides education, presentations/publications and work history- a list of consulting projects I have worked in. You can also check my LinkedIn public profile for more information.

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